The Petroleum Conundrum

The Petroleum Conundrum The complex story behind pumped up gas prices With headlines warning of rising prices at the pump after this recent dip, gas prices are understandably a hot button issue. To add fuel to the fire, both sides of the political aisle wield higher gas prices to push their agenda. Specifically, they use […]

A Loan in the Dark

A Loan in the Dark The rhetoric and reality of the student loan forgiveness debate Student loan forgiveness has been a political football for what feels like many years now. While the idea started in progressive circles, it has become more mainstream recently. With a Democratic administration and Congressional majority, the prospects of substantial student […]

Tax and Tend

Tax and Tend A handy to-do list of post-tax-season priorities and pre-summer to-dos to get your financial house in order before you hit the beach With tax season behind us and summer vacations looming, it’s the perfect time to take care of financial priorities you’ve been putting off or haven’t addressed during busier times of […]


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