The Independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) Advantage

This past May, we successfully founded and began operating a fully registered, independent investment advisory firm, Nemes Rush Family Wealth Management. This achievement is a defining piece of our identity. With six months to reflect on the transition, we firmly believe that founding this firm and operating independently is one of the most important managerial decisions we’ve ever made.

Our independent status brings a range of advantages to our clients. First and foremost, our financial advisors are the owners and operators of Nemes Rush. Our decision-makers have boots on the ground and meet with clients daily; at other firms, executives that have never met with clients are the ones controlling the resources and direction.

We take pride in working in the best interests of our clients…with no exceptions. Our clients can achieve greater efficiencies and unlock better pricing. And they have access to a more diverse range of wealth management solutions. In contrast to some advisors at competing firms, we have an ironclad fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients. In other words, we are obligated to identify the highest-quality and lowest-cost products and services that meet the complex needs of our clients. We will never waver from this commitment and service style.

To Nemes Rush, the RIA Advantage means:

Absolute independence

Our advisors operate with one uncompromising mandate: to protect and grow our clients’ financial legacy. As an RIA, we have absolute freedom and flexibility to do just that, without the frustrating and costly limitations imposed by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies or other outside parties.

More opportunities

As an independent RIA, Nemes Rush takes a nimble approach to investment management. We take pride in being able to offer an exceptionally wide range of investment opportunities to our clients. Importantly, we aren’t beholden to one custodian; rather, we have access to multiple custodians that offer the best solutions at the lowest price to our clients, depending on their needs.

Hand-picked third-party partners

Independent RIAs have the freedom and flexibility to select the best third-party partners to support them as they service their clients. From technology to marketing and financial planning software, we are free to work with the best partners on the street to ensure we stay informed, operate more efficiently, and communicate more effectively.

More Relationships

At Nemes Rush, we have established arm’s-length relationships with the industry’s largest and most influential custodian banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions. That means we can find superior rates, more savings, and better opportunities for our clients.

Professional identity

We firmly believe that the independent RIA model contributes to our culture of opportunity and entrepreneurship. It allows us to employ the best people, give the best advice, and achieve the best financial outcomes. In the end, our fiduciary responsibility to our clients isn’t a burden, it’s a blessing. We know it to be a way for us to get closer to our clients and ultimately develop a closer, more trusting, and prosperous long-term relationship.

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